Global Benchmarking

IALA World-Wide Academy in Master Plan 2015-2019 (Academy Board 19/11/2014) suggests model courses in two domains: VTS and AtoN. The IALA World-Wide Academy master plan says:

“Details of VTS training are contained in IALA Recommendation V-103 and its four model courses syllabi V-103/1-4. VTS model courses are developed by the VTS Committee.VTS training based on the V-103 suite of model courses is delivered by Accredited Training Organizations (ATO). The Academy maintains the register of VTS ATOs and administers requests from VTS Competent Authorities for assistance with the accreditation process by IALA-endorsed VTS experts.”

“Details of AtoN training are set out in IALA Recommendation E-141. This training is categorized as level 1 for AtoN managers and Level 2 for AtoN technicians. At the end of 2014 there were five Level 1 and 33 Level 2 model courses, all of which can be downloaded from the IALA website. These model courses will be updated regularly and new model courses will be developed as required.”