Envisaging MNTI

MNTI will be a specialized niche that commits human resources to augment and deepen the outreach of marine navigation, in particular new technologies, to the maritime professionals in India and SAARC/NIOR Countries. It is important that the envisioned institutions offers globally accredited learning programmes in five domains: 

  1. Aids to Navigation (AtoNs)
  2. Vessel Traffic Services (VTS),
  3. Information Technology,
  4. Nautical Sciences, and
  5. Communication and administrative skills.

While MNTI engages in class room learning processes, the institution may endeavor towards building virtual knowledge systems through interactive web platforms; this is going to benefit working professionals who explore diverse vistas of learning.

Moreover, MNTI’s progress as a learning space may be subject to accreditation/assessment by a panel of experts from renowned institutions, assuring that learning standards pursued by MNTI are global. Therefore, MNTI needs to have own faculty and support staff.