Institute Regulation


AtoN managers and engineers are responsible to the Competent Authority for providing an appropriate quantity and quality of aids to navigation services which meet or exceed the obligations set out in the SOLAS Convention, Chapter V, Regulation 13 and other mandatory instruments issued by the International Maritime Organization.

The recruitment, selection and training of suitable personnel are a pre-requisite to the provision of professionally qualified personnel capable of contributing to safe and efficient AtoN operations, to ensure that uniform standards of procedures, practices and professional standards are applied world-wide.

The role of the instructor in this process is vital, particularly as the safety of seafarers and preservation of the marine and coastal environments are at risk if uniform standards are neglected or procedures are not fully understood and applied. Many sub-elements of this model course are concerned with safety, navigation risk and preservation of the environment. Instructors should be thoroughly acquainted with both national and International regulations concerning these issues and emphasize these aspects during instruction whenever they arise.