Technical Course on Solar Energy, AtoN and its Maintenance for Tech/NA-I, II, III/RT SRT/AE(E)

Solar energy Solar system, charge controller, earthing and lightning arrestor for solar system. Introduction to various AtoNs. General upkeep and its maintenance. Racon self-test & programming, Nitrogen charging Divergence of Lights and its significance. Calculation of luminous range of Revolving and Flashing Lights. Ref: IALA WWA L2.2.3, IALA WWA L2.2.7, IALA WWA L2.7.1-2, IALA WWA L2.11.1-5, IALA WWA L2.3.1-3,

Eligibility Tech/NA-I, II, III/RT SRT/AE(E)

Technical Course on Electrical Wiring and Lightning Protection, AC power Supply, Transformers & DC power supply

Electrical wiring, Selection of Cable Wire capacity in relation with load. Earthing, Lightening protection MOV and Isolation Transformers, IR&ER Test. Maintenance of AC/DC Power Devices (AVR, UPS, Charger, DC Power Supply) Ref: IALA WWA L2.2.7, IALA WWA L2.2.5-L2.2.6, IALA WWA L2.2.1

Eligibility Tech/NA-I, II, III/RT SRT/AE(E)

Technical Course on PLC, SCADA and Automation

Remote Control and Automation of Lighthouses PLC Programming, Transducers used in LH Automation. Introduction to SCADA Software. Types of various connectors (BNC, RJ45, interface Modem, Switches & Routers) Input & Output devices.

Eligibility Tech(E)/SRT/AE(E))/AEE/DD