Organizational Structures & Arrangements

The typically hierarchal arrangements of lines of authority, communications, rights and duties of an organization. Organizational structure determines how the roles, powers and responsibilities are assigned, controlled, coordinated and how information flows between different levels of management.

The organizational structure of the Marine Navigation Training Institute (MNTI), seeks to support the achievement of Marine Navigation Training Institute’s strategic goals by having structures that ensure the alignment of resources to core functions of the Marine Navigation Training Institute, illustrate functional relationships between MNTI units and provide clear lines of communication, accountability and authority. A common hierarchy is necessary for standard reporting to support decision making.

Deputy Director General is the controlling authority of MNTI, Kolkata. A group of dedicated officer and staff are attached with the MNTI.

The training Institute organization structure refers to the overall collection of separate organizational units that comprise the training units, administrative units, and other formal budget units. A budget unit is an academic or administrative unit of the Marine navigation Training Institute which receives a budget allocation with its own budget identity code.

Formal changes in organizational structures of an organizational unit may include changes in the roles of unit, reporting relationships, title of unit, the budget structure, and staffing establishment. These will all require a range of administrative and support system changes which the owner of the change needs to identify and consider as part of the planning process before seeking approval for any change. Where the proposed change is significant consultation and/or implementation planning must be then undertaken by the initiating area in accordance with the managing change policy and procedures.

A change to the formal organizational structure requires the prior approval of the Director General of Lighthouses and Lightships, Noida for all academic and administrative units.

Occupational Profile with Designation

  1. Head of the Institution  : Deputy Director General
  2. Training Design and Evaluation Officer :   Director / Deputy Director
  3. Faculty : Deputy Director , Asstt. Executive Engineer (IT) ,  Asstt. Executive Engineer(M), Assistant Engineer (Electrical), Physical Training Instructor
  4. Training Coordinator  :  Asst. Executive Engineer (EI)